Monday, February 1, 2016

Monday Motivation

The fact that I made it through January, running everyday (due to the Winter Warrior Challenge sponsored by Marathon Sports), is enough to motivate me further. Counting Dec 31, I ran 32 days in a row. I've never done that in my 20 years running. WOW! #marathonsports

151 miles (6 miles were hiking with some decent elevation gains) 
145 total outdoor running miles!!!! 1 mile short of my PR but I'll take it!

The big deal here.....after suffering with PF for a year and a half, I came back but wiser. I am NOT running faster, but taking my time. 
I'm also consistent with stretching, massaging, icing, heat, and compression. Been doing weights 2x a week too.

Finally, it was fun to run a race on my birthday and to close out #winterwarriorchallenge, Jan 31.

Here's to month #2 - February. 
Bring it on....

Motivation? Planning the next races!!!


  1. Impressive achievement! I had to lol at your comment that 6 of the miles were hiking, as if hiking outdoors in winter was somehow the teensiest bit wimpy. On to more adventures!