Sunday, March 6, 2016

Pep Talk Sunday

Here's my new idea, forget Monday motivation, I need Pep Talk Sunday. It's the Sunday night blues, but I'm not dragging myself into a pit. Why you ask? Because I have a lot to be grateful for, including what I've accomplished (after dealing with a major move, a new job, and dealing with PF for over a year).

Just remember Jillie Bean, smiles for foot in front of the other and keep moving forward!

A few races between Jan and Feb, including some with kick ass  hills.....Amherst to name one!!
Jan miles - 145 
Feb miles - 102
Cross training - Eliptical and Stationery bike
The continuation of stretching and some chiropractor work on my calves and feet. 

One of the best parts of kicking a week into gear, is knowing you had a terrific weekend of running and hiking!!! Finally, after many years I'm back to it and I have to thank my friend Mike. The king of the mountains and hiking! 
It's not outrageous mileage or elevation gains, but enough that I feel a work out and wonderful views of our North East....ocean and mountains. It's grand and every bit counts.

So as I head into this week, dealing with the drudgery of report cards and the challenges of teaching, I think about how I'm able to continue to run and being able to try new things or go back to old ones. Friends are great for pep talks, but so is my meshugganah mind! 


A lot of cold days and high winds, but I got through the races and a few muddy hikes.

And now I'm get ready for the work week and watch the Downton Abbey finale!!!!